About us

Morabit Fossils is a company dedicated to bringing the past alive by offering the finest  Fossils on Sahara Desert directly  to collectors. We  have been involved  with collecting and selling  Fossils for more then ten years. Our aim is to bring you the most unique ; rare and desired Fossils at the lowest possible price.


We are  artists that try to pay attention to the commercial side of life and of things around us. In this  mineral universe where we were born we had finally found the reason of our existence :  Petrified landscapes of all the ages of the earth ; tales  and stories buried in massive blocks destine to be carved and restored to help us understand the beginnings of life as well as to decorate our homes and your homes.

With great determination we formed a company owned  by  three brothers ; built a factory and training hundreds of people . Developing new techniques and  creating thousand of decorative items and useful interior design for your home